A Productive Weekend

So, over the last few days I’ve managed to get “some” sewing done.  On my wish list of quilts is included an “I Spy” quilt. Over the last year I have been swapping 2 1/2″ squares with quilters around the world. After I finished up my Farmer’s Wife blocks (or so I thought, but that’s another post) I needed some brainless sewing to take the edge off. So with Netflix playing in the background, I started to chain piece squares together. Not sure which variation of an I Spy that I wanted to make, I had my husband choose between the Scrap Vomit and the Scrappy Irish Chain. Why, I don’t know, but he chose the Scrap Vomit, though if I had to guess it would be because of the color scheme. The Scrappy Irish Chain is a pretty feminine quilt. By Friday evening I had assembled five of the thirteen “A” blocks needed for this variation. Definitely a scrappy quilt. Can you spy the M&M?

Scrap Vomit Blocks

Saturday was a day to play and visit with quilting friends in Austin. Dear Wanda had come from Arkansas to visit so I got to spend an afternoon with her and others while we laughed, ate, and laughed some more. Didn’t spend any time sewing, but I did manage to purchase some fabric needed for a Puzzle Quilt that I’ve been commissioned to make as well as some background fabric for my daughter’s Shenandoah quilt that is on my wish list.

Sunday morning was slow but by midday I had my sewing machine humming along. I managed to make a 12 1/2″ block for the International Quilt Block Swap that I’m in. I’m not a fan of batiks, but these jewel tones are so vibrant against the black, that I hope the recipient enjoys it as much as I do.

Icky thump

I also managed to cut and sew this baby quilt top this afternoon. This is one of the quickest quilt tops I have ever constructed. Granted, it only measures about 30″x40″ but it’s so fast, that if you need a quick gift, I highly recommend it. This particular baby quilt was intended to be for a friend, but her little girl received one far superior to my humble gift, so I will save this one for another time.
You can’t tell from the picture but the fabrics are flannel. And if you have never used a high quality flannel, I highly recommend it. No fraying or little lint to brush off. Wonderful stuff. I purchased pink minky for the backing and the multi-colored dot in plain cotton for the binding. I still need some practice with my FMQ before I attempt to quilt this, but the top is a finish for me. Yay!
Pink Elephant Baby Quilt

And finally, if you have read this far, I am going to be giving the pattern “All Squared Up” away. I have used it gently, so it’s in great condition and I won’t be using it again as I don’t make many baby quilts (this is my first).

All Squared Up Pattern

So, if you would like to receive this pattern, please leave a comment for a chance to win. I will put all names into a basket and have my dear daughter draw one on Thursday, July 24th. If you share this post on Facebook, I will enter your name for another chance to win. Just let me know in the comments that you did.

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11 thoughts on “A Productive Weekend

  1. You have been a busy little bee today!

    I really loved getting to spend time with y’all yesterday afternoon. Looking forward to my next trip to the big ATX! Love ya!

      1. Ok. I went to school down there. I live in Leander, just north of Austin. I do envy those of you who have friends that share the love of fabric.

  2. I love to spend a Sunday afternoon sewing too! Got one top almost done, it just needs borders. Before that I hadn’t sewn in almost 2 weeks! And when I ask my boyfriend what he thinks about something I want to make for our bed, he says,” I don’t care about colors or patterns, as long as it keeps me warm!” LOL

  3. I am not a fan of batiks either but your star is beautiful! Baby quilt is very nice, I think you should be proud of all your work on it:)

    1. PS…Almost forgot but I couldn’t help but notice your choice of “word” for the scrappy quit your husband was to choose of the 2 given choices .Lady’s ..there aren’t many people like this lady here left in this word who still use the “old fashion term “Vomit” !

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