It’s almost time for school and this week has been hectic with school meetings, last minute trips to visit elderly relatives, and trying to get to my LQS for their Row by Row patterns. So I don’t have much of a Friday Finish today, but I managed to complete one block for my International Quilt Block Swap. This block is called Divided Star and pattern comes from Quilter’s Cache. It’s a free pattern on their website and measures 12 1/2″ unfinished. Nancy, the recipient, lives in Belgium and wanted a bit of blue. I had these fat quarters sitting around and loved the vibrancy of the orange.

Divided Star for Nancy

And this week I also managed to catalog all of my Farmer’s Wife blocks into the book in preparation for getting them laid out and ready to compile into the final quilt. This was a job. There were 10 of us in the group and we were each assigned 1 block per month for a year. We made 10 of that block, kept one and mailed out the other 9 to the other swappers. I need to get my book rebound, though and have one of those spiral thingys put on it so it will lie flat when open. But look at some of these…they’re gorgeous!

FWSS sorting blocksAnd last, but not least, it’s FRIDAY! Time for the weekend challenge. What do you want to accomplish this weekend? I have a few more IQBS blocks to get out so we can wrap up that swap. And it’s time to be thinking about the new Farmer’s Wife Swap. We are going to be doing Laurie Aaron Hird’s second book, The Farmer’s Wife Pony Club. This one is a bit more difficult and for some crazy reason I offered to do the curved blocks. ACK!!! So I am hoping to give those a go. No, get off the internet and go sew! 🙂

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Blessings, Melissa