Because Quilting Is Better With Bare Feet


Hi! Kick off your shoes and sit a spell. I’m Melissa and I’m a quilter. I’m also nakey toes (aka barefoot).

You’re curious about Nakeytoes Quilting, right? Well, this is what I am doing:
• Continuing to master traditional blocks and techniques
• Teaching anybody, particularly children, how to quilt by hand AND machine
• Connecting with other quilters around the globe and down the street
• Letting everyone know what Texas has to offer the quilting world
• Describing my experiences with various products, tools and fabrics
• Creating and marketing the patterns that are dancing in my head
• Sharing the latest good read that couldn’t be put down

So who am I and what makes me Melissa?

I’m a wife, mom, quilter, avid reader, a huge fan of British television, herder of cats, fabric hoarder and chocoholic (even around my expensive fabric). And what’s between those spaces makes up the rest of me. I grew up in Michigan, have lived in Virginia &Tennessee and currently live in Texas. My work experiences include health care and accounting but feel that my biggest career accomplishment has been as a truck driver. I adore flowers, refrigerator art, and God. I’m thankful for every experience that has allowed me to grow, for the people who have come before me, and for you.

And just where did Nakey Toes come from?

Just before our daughter turned two, we were attempting to potty train her. During the day we would let her run around the uncarpeted rooms “nakey butt”, meaning no pants or diaper. One day she was in the bathroom (which has great acoustics) and I hear this excited, wondrous little voice say, “Mama, I nakey toes!” She was barefoot. And thus the term has stuck.
If you have questions, criticisms or witticisms, please leave me a comment.


  1. Janet Wells

    Hi Melissa,
    I’m a fabric rep (and member of the Texas Quilters Group on Facebook) and have a pretty good list of shops throughout the state. I can share some of the basic information with you, if you’d like, so your list is more complete. Of course, I’m looking on yours to see who I have missed as well.

    Let me know if you’d like my help.

    1. mllitz

      Yes, ma’am, I would be ever so grateful to have access to that list. If you could email it to me, I’d really appreciate it.

  2. Penny Grochow

    Variable Star block has an error!!!!! This isn’t the first time in the Quarantine Quilt. Please send us correction!!!!!

    1. mllitz

      I have fixed the link. Are there more errors that I’m not seeing?

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