September 1, 2014 marked the official beginning of the online The Farmer’s Wife Pony Club
Swap. We are a Facebook group of 37 women divided into 8 sub-groups on a 12 month journey to make our own truly unique version of Laurie Aaron Hird’s sampler quilt.  Half of us are using 1930’s reproductions and half are using batiks.

For some crazy reason I asked our fearless leader, Debra, to assign me what we are calling block #199, otherwise known as Bird’s Eye View.  It involves curved piecing which I have never done.  Am I delusional for wanting to achieve Master Quilter status at some point in my life? The pictured block was made by Wanda Tims Towery of Arkansas who is participating in two groups.

Wanda 199 watermark

As a novice curved piecer, I have to admit this one is a stinker. My husband made the comment that he suspects this block was originally intended for hand piecing. He very well may be right, but I’m on a deadline, so I NEED to do this on the machine. Fortunately, Debra the Amazing, was able to walk the members of our group through the construction and is allowing me to share her pictures and directions.

Step 1: When cutting your templates, cut this piece with extra on the two outside edges, about a 1/16”.

199 step 1

Step 2: Sew the first two pieces together and press the seams open.

199 step 2

Step 3: Find the center point and put a pin in it. Make sure when you fold it back that the pink edge matches the print edge.

199 step 3

Step 4: Put pins in several place after finding the center points by folding like in the first step.

199 step 4

Step 5: PIN, PIN, PIN!!!

199 step 5

Step 6: This is how I sewed mine. Go slow and watch your 1/4 mark. I also used a smaller stitch length.

199 step 6

Step 7: Next….

199 step 7

Step 8: Trim your excess on the white. Be very careful to use the 4 1/2″ mark and the center mark to line up.

199 step 8

Step 9: Flip the block and square up the pinks.

199 step 9

Step 10: Put all 4 pieces together and check your 8 ½” mark

199 step 10

Step 11: Yay!!!

199 step 11

Step 12: Cut out your center.

199 step 12

Step 13: Now cut down to the dotted line on your template paper.

199 step 13

Step 14: Fold the template into 1/4s to find your center. I used a pin to locate it to the center of my block. I used a water removable pen and draw around the template.

199 step 14

Step 15: Applique the center on, I used Needle Turn method. DO NOT PRESS until you wet the fabric and remove all the marks. Press and cut out the center on the backside or leave it. It is up to you. I leave it.

199 step 15

Step 16: All Done! Yay!!!

199 step 16

A couple of tips:

My friend, Wanda, recommended the use of a light spritz of sizing, starch or Best Press to each piece to keep the bias edges from shifting while being sewn. I tried it and it works beautifully.

In Step 6 where it says to go slow, GO SLOW. If you can set your stitch speed, use the snail setting. Trust me.

It’s Friday again, so do you have plans to sew/quilt? I’ve been seeing reports where the mountainous areas are getting snow. Quilting season has officially begun. 🙂

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