By the time y’all read this, Christmas will have come and gone. Thankfully Bonnie gave us an easy clue this week because I’m slowly sinking into tardiness. There is just so much going on right now.

Because my posts are generally graphics heavy, I decided to try using an editor with a collage element. Please let me know if they help or hinder your reading experience.

Late Friday night I did manage to sneak in some time to at least try Clue #5. My first block was a bit off-kilter, but I love the apricot colored fabric I chose. It was a remnant from my Dappled Triangles quilt.  The neutral is a Christmas fabric with poinsettias, but unless you look closely, you wouldn’t notice it. Polka dots are just fun to work with and the blue that I chose for the large triangles is an old out-of-print Mary Englebreit fabric.

Over the weekend leading up to Christmas, I also took some time to work on Clue #3. Chain-stitching allows for mindless thinking and is so therapeutic. I was able to stitch snow ball one side of my chevrons. When I was done I had this lovely pile to snip apart.


Back in October, I challenged my followers to create pillowcases for a local foster agency, Trulight127 Ministries, that is building a group home for at-risk children ages 5-18.  Sondra, the owner/director, is incredibly hard to catch at a free moment, so Thursday I stopped in at her office and dropped off a whopping 41 pillowcases to her office staff. Because it was a last minute challenge, I had hoped to collect maybe a dozen pillowcases. The ladies in my Texas Quilter’s Group knocked it out of the park! Thank you Qurratulain Thakur, Kim Vincent, Diana Gilliland, Joanne Hanson and Carmen Garcia.


If you would like to thin down your stash or have some extra time, please consider making a pillowcase or two. It would be really nice if we could make this an annual challenge.

In between cleaning spurts, I also managed to create a small pile of bonus buddy hst’s AND a few chevrons for the Missouri Star Quilt Company’s Chevron Christmas Tree Quilt.

Christmas night is always quiet around here. We only have one child who is self-entertaining and by the end of the festivities I am generally exhausted. I attempted to get my orange and neutral strips cut into triangles but Pink Paws decided she wanted to play. It’s a bit hard to lay out strips when your cat is attempting to eat them.

That is all of my progress this week on the Good Fortune Mystery Quilt. I can’t wait to click over to Quiltville, where I’m linking up, and see what everyone else has accomplished this week.

I do hope y’all had a very Merry Christmas and that the New Year is full of blessings and good tidings for you. Be sure to click one of my Social Media icons over in the right sidebar and follow me so that you can follow my progress in 2019.