Rhubarb Pie is once again on the menu.  I have a nice chain of green patches to snip apart and I managed to start on the pink & green patches as well.

Rhubarb Pie Quilt green patches in a pile

The serpentine quilting was going along nicely, but as usual I got busy and it’s sitting there taunting me. Pink Paws has claimed it as her spot while I either sew or type.

Pink Paws

Driving in a neighboring city, I happened to pass a quilt shop that I had heard about.  So of course I turned around and visited The Scrappy Quilter. What a nice surprise! It’s not a big shop, but they have carefully selected fabrics in the newest and trendiest lines. They have an almost complete selection of 50wt Aurifil (orange spool) and carry other machine quilting brands as well.

Rarely do I walk into a quilt shop and purchase several items without a list in hand. Impulse shopping is fun! Haha.

The Scrappy Quilter just happened to carry the small and medium sized See Your Stuff clear storage bags. I purchased the large one in lime green last summer and absolutely LOVE the thing. I love it so much I bought each of my sewing sisters one in different colors.  I digress. I bought the small one (6″x8″) as it’s perfect for carrying small sewing tools like my thimble, thread, needle case, etc.

One of the displays was of a quilt made with 1930’s fabrics. As y’all know, ‘30’s are my thing. Naturally I purchased the pattern. And the Tri-recs rulers to get the shapes used in the pattern.

The pattern is from the Gingham Girls and is called Diamond Lane. You can purchase it from Diamond LaneCreate For Less  on clearance for 1/3 what I paid for it. (No affiliation, they just happened to have the cheapest price I could find.)

My final purchase was a product that I stumbled across in March, but hadn’t yet ordered from Amazon. I had seen Bosal’s In-R-Form Plus, a unique fusible foam stabilizer over at Crafty Gemini and it intrigued me.

Before I purchased the foam, I wanted real reviews and first-hand experience from quilters who had actually used the stuff so I put it out there to the Quilting group administrated by Carol Ann Ferrari-Rogers. Here are some of the responses I received:

“Love it! Used it in purses, some only on bottoms, but it makes them stand up!” – Connie G.

“I’ve used it for a tote bag. It’s awesome! Runs through the machine real nice and holds its shape very well.” – Monica E.

“I love it!! I use it on the chubby charmer pattern and the sides of my bag stand up on their own instead of just flopping over.” – Victoria L.

As soon as I make a project with it, you can bet I’ll write a post with photos.

I will be heading in that direction more often, so The Scrappy Quilter will definitely become my LQS (local quilt shop).

Do you have a local quilt shop that you would like to share? Or have you used the In-R-Form Pluse? If so, what was your experience with it?

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