Texas Antiques Week is the place to find them. Over the course of the last three weeks, the bi-annual Texas Antiques Week has been a happening place. I was able to attend this past Wednesday and had such a great time I can’t wait until the fall session. I shopped and walked the equivalent of a two block circuit and by the end of 2 ½ hours I was so exhaustipated that I couldn’t shop any more. I arrived close to 9:30 am and by noon my head was swimming and everything was beginning to look the same.

What is Texas Antiques Week you ask? It is actually three weeks of one of the largest antiques and home decorating flea markets in the country. Spanning roughly 8 miles between the Round Top and Warrenton communities, it is a picker’s heaven. If you are into DIY, antiques, home decorating, quilting, or collecting anything imaginable, then you need to travel here and plan to spend a whole week.

In the short distance I was able to shop, there were antiques, vintage linens, vinyl fabrics, yard art, metal art, gorgeous hanging baskets, homemade soap, local wines, specialty lighting, quilts, glassware, military ephemera (read bomb casings ), and cast iron cookware.

Below are a few pictures of vintage sewing items that I found while wandering. The prize was a large Coat’s Thread Case in the shape of a giant spool. It was sold and wrapped in protective plastic wrap. I spoke with the vendor, Rick Coffin of Country Folks Antiques, and he’s been dealing in antiques for over 30 years and it was only the 2nd one he had ever seen. I wish the pictures were more clear, but you get the idea. This same vendor had several wooden thread cases in pristine condition. He told me that most people use them as end tables. ACK!

Coats_thread_casesPicMonkey Collage2
I was a bit disappointed that I didn’t see more vintage machines. The ones I did see were horribly rusty and every one of them was missing the bobbin case. Below is a photo of a treadle base that had been powder coated and a new top put on.

Of all of the tents and booths that I went in, Vintage Lace & Linen of Kerrville, TX was my favorite. With a very feminine shabby chic feel, the displays were warm & inviting. I was awed by the darling handmade children’s garments, the chandeliers, and lace. Janyce Karcher, the proprietress, was so sweet and patient while she answered my questions. This was the shop’s 10th year at Antiques Week, and I will be back in the fall.

VintageLace VintageLace2
With as many wonderful things as I saw in Warrenton, I only found two to purchase. The first was a small train case in impeccable condition. I plan to make a traveling quilting kit with it. The second item was The Complete Book Of Sewing: Dressmaking and Sewing for the Home Made Easy, copyright 1943. For me, this was a gem because it has information on altering clothing and making slipcovers. And the bonus was a section on teaching your daughter to sew.

If you are interested in attending the fall show, it will be September 28 thru October 3, 2015. I hope to see you there!