My sewing room is chaos, but I plan to shove enough stuff aside to work on this project this weekend. There is enough fabric there to create a full size quilt for daughter’s bedroom. We went easy on Christmas this year with the thought of re-decorating her bedroom. She’s no longer a toddler and has a few years before she becomes a tween, so the Sweet Dreams line from Lakehouse Drygoods is perfect. Girly, bright, happy, and timeless.

102_3369My thought is to take the flower cluster panels and create a pieced center surrounded by various borders of coordinating fabric. Because I need to have it done by the end of January, I will let my long-armer do the quilting. And then I plan to use prairie points as the border. I have almost all of the coordinating prints and as a prairie points, the binding should look pretty amazing against a white bed skirt.

I plan to take the rest of the fabric and make coordinating items for her room, i.e., lamp shade, curtains, wall art, etc.

Early last month I started reading home organization blogs. Our house is filled with clutter and “stuff” as we have progressively been moving into smaller homes. Most of it is “stuff” we have a sentimental attachment to. My sewing room is full of such items…the buttons I inherited from my mother-in-law, the vintage tools handed down by my great-aunt, etc.  And since we had to move into a smaller house, my sewing room also doubles as an office and triples as a library. It’s time for this stuff to go.

Let me just say before I post these pictures how ashamed I am of my mess. It’s like a scene from Hoarders. And that has me scared spitless. This is not going to be an over night deal, there’s just too much. I have been trolling Pinterest looking for inspiration and I have several ideas floating in the back of my head. The final reveal will take place mid-February as I have A LOT of shopping to do in search of cabinets, storage bins, etc. And as a side note, since taking these photos I have packed up a VERY large box of books to sell as well as sorted out board games and straightened them up. My husband wouldn’t be happy if I get rid of them, because most of them were his when he was a child. But I’ve made a start and that’s what counts. Right?

Messy Sewing Space 1 Messy Sewing Space 2 Messy Sewing Space 3 Messy Sewing Space 4

So if you need some inspiration to de-clutter your sewing space, I invite you to follow my Sewing Room Ideas.

Have a Happy New Year!