I have finally figured out that if I don’t physically slow down my schedule, life will continue to race by at ever increasing rates. I had very little time to sew this week, much less post to my Facebook page at Nakeytoes Quilting or the blog. I don’t have much of a finish, but it is one. 🙂

Before I get into the sewing part of my week, I have to share the double rainbow over my neighborhood today.
Double Rainbow

Some time in the last year I decided to make a Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt. All by hand. I haven’t made an all hand-sewn quilt in over 12 years. So I am actually looking forward to this challenge. I am using the pre-cut hexie forms in the 1 inch size, and I love, love, love these little things. Such precision. The “flower” pictured was stitched together today while I sat in the mechanic shop ALL DAY LONG. It’s not as flat as I would like, but once I have the rest of the forms out and press it, the puckers should disappear. So here is my Friday Finish, such as it is.

Hexie Flower

Last Saturday I went to my friend Grayson’s church to help her with her 100 Quilts for 100 Kids project. Someone had contacted her to help with this project in the greater Austin, Texas area and I wanted to help her. Grayson and some of the ladies from her church had met a couple of weeks previously and sewed up a bunch of tops and didn’t get them all finished. So when I showed up Saturday morning, Grayson handed me a pile of fabric and said have at it. These are just simple designs for kids that haven’t been shown a lot of compassion or generosity in their young lives. Grayson has a heart the size of Texas and I was honored to be able to help her. Oh, and I also need to mention that Grayson donated ALL of the fabric, batting and materials to make these quilts.


This week I also had the chance to lay out the blocks I received from the International Quilt Block Swap. I’m missing just one, then I can figure out how I am going to assemble my quilt. When asked what I wanted in a block, my requirements were to use what was in their stash, and to use either their favorite block or technique. I love what they sent me!
IQBS blocks minus 1

And last not but not least, while trolling through Amazon today, I found this FREE (at the time of posting) app for Android. Looks like fun! I got my copy and you can get Crazy Quilt Solitaire Premium  here:

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Blessings  ~Melissa