Rhubarb Pie, Serpentine Stitch & a Drawing

In mid-February I walked away from the job I held in the fabric department at Hobby Lobby in order to fulfill my role as housewife. Before y’all go feminist on me, it was MY decision, not my husband’s.  While working I didn’t have time for anything. Housekeeping, cooking, mothering, “wife-ing”, and quilting all took a backseat and my life became endless days of constantly running.

I was fulfilling the part of me that needed adult interaction, and the parts that needed to teach and to learn.

What I was losing, though, was precious time with my family. And I was losing my creativity. Weeks would go by without me touching my machine. For a Creative, that generates discontent, frustration, and angst.

It seems like forever since I have had a finish. I don’t have one this week, but I am making Pile of Rhubarb Pie Quilt Patchesprogress. Sunday I managed to stitch four neat little stacks of 2-patches for the beginnings of my Rhubarb Pie quilt. One of the Facebook groups that I used to Admin had a swap for the pinks and greens needed. You can purchase the pattern here at Bella Rose Quilts (I have zero affiliation, they were the first one that popped up with the pattern).

Last Saturday was our monthly Sit & Sew at my friend Jan’s house. She graciously allowed me to use her long arm frame to baste some quilts. I’m really terrible about getting pictures. However, I did manage to get three smallish (larger than crib, smaller than twin) quilts basted in about six hours. Go me!

Jan discovered this wonderful thread from Superior called Vanish Extra. You can purchase it directly from Superior or through Amazon Prime.  Vanish Extra is a water soluble thread that stitches up just like regular thread. Toss your quilt in the wash, and voilà, no more basting stitches. A word to the wise: Don’t lick your fingers to moisten the end of the Vanish Extra when trying to re-thread your needle.

Wednesday ended up being a sick day for Junior. She’s been fighting allergies and a nasty cold, and it finally settled in her ears. Poor tyke. So while she lounged around in her jammies reading on her Kindle, I had some unexpected free time to quilt. Wooohoooo!

19030s 4 patch with a little helper for Nakeytoes QuiltingAt some point this winter, I did have some free time to whip up this top. It was fast AND easy. A wonderful combination for someone who was missing their sewing time.

Detail of Serpentine Stitch in Variegated Thread by Nakeytoes Quilting 2016It’s just a simple 4-patch made with some 1930’s nickels that I had purchased online. It measures roughly 63”x81”. I had seen a picture on Pinterest and knew that I had to make it. Check out Mama Spark’s blog to see the original. I love the simplicity. And serpentine stitch is my new favorite quilting stitch. Throw in some pastel variegated thread, and you have quilting bliss.

As I said, it’s not done. By a long shot. I still have endless rows to achieve the look of the one in the photo. But I’m working on it. And I’m quilting. Finally.

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4 thoughts on “Rhubarb Pie, Serpentine Stitch & a Drawing

  1. Hey I read this and clicked on the Rubarb pie and when you look at all that is related you see a little Limestone shed with a quilt .. well that barn quilt was designed by my quilt guild here in Kankakee Il and the little building in down town , it also has quite a history and now is a museum about the French history of this area. I was hoping for a recipe !

    On Thu, Apr 28, 2016 at 10:56 PM, Nakey Toes Quilting wrote:

    > mllitz posted: “In mid-February I walked away from the job I held in the > fabric department at Hobby Lobby in order to fulfill my role as housewife. > Before y’all go feminist on me, it was MY decision, not my husband’s. > While working I didn’t have time for anything. House” >

  2. I am visiting from your link up at “Crazy Mom Quilts”. I enjoyed reading your post. I too have tried the serpentine stitch lately and think it is a great option. I really like the quilt top your cat is sitting on too. I hope you find more time to enjoy the things you love.

    1. Thank you for your comment and for visiting my little corner of the blogosphere. I just love the texture that the serpentine stitch provides. I am resolved to take more time for the things I love such as quilting and gardening. They both make the world a prettier place. 🙂

  3. That serpentine stitch + straight stitch with the variegated thread is just wonderful! What a great idea, and thank you for posting the detailed photo. I found it via a Google image search for “variegated quilting,” and I’m just smitten. 🙂

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