Goals and Challenges for 2019

Let’s clear out some of those quilting UFO’s

The APQS released their 2019 UFO challenge sheet yesterday and after the progress I had made this year, I knew I was in. That challenge has been THE best motivator in getting some of these projects done.

I made this list in 2017 and accomplished nada, zip, zilch. Why 2017 was so unproductive is still a mystery to me. I did work on projects, however, most weren’t quilt related.  Looking back I made and crafted a large amount of 18″ doll items.

After my annual Rockport retreat in January 2018,  I got my sewing mojo back and finished quite a few tops and even finished binding two other quilts. I finished the Dappled Triangles quilt, the 1930’s 4-Patch quilt, and my Bonnie & Camille Cake Mix 2 top among others.

In early March I was gifted a vintage Gammil and over the next few weeks, as Spring bloomed with bluebonnets and the trees burgeoned with fresh leaves, I learned so much about FMQ.  Unfortunately, because it is a vintage machine, the tension assembly is messed up. I think there is a part stripped out, but I haven’t found the right person to help me.

In May, my quilting came to a screeching halt. A good friend and co-admin of some of my quilt groups, Wanda Towery, passed away of lung cancer. I was devastated. Unable to function, I sat in my sewing room for two days numb with grief. I cranked up the volume on my playlist and just sat staring at the walls. What I really wanted to do was throw an adult sized tantrum and throw or break things.

Toward the end of June I finally opened the door of my sewing room again and sorted fabrics. Then sewed a little bit slowly building up momentum.

During this whole time another quilt friend, and the third member of our quilting Triumvirate, Debra Phelps, was battling a rare form of adenocarcinoma. On July 17 she lost her battle and once again I was grief-stricken. Though this time I didn’t have time to wallow in my grief.

Exactly 10 days later I took my husband to ER with severe & debilitating abdominal pain. The diagnosis was testicular cancer. The tumor was causing internal bleeding. Our world shattered.

For six weeks it was constant trips back and forth to the hospital, an hour each way. There was no time to think, much less sew.

August was gone. Poof!

September was when I finally managed to sit at my sewing machine. But what did I want to work on? I needed mindless sewing. Something I didn’t have to concentrate on while I listened to a podcast to drown out my thoughts.

And sew I did. Setting aside my guilt, I allowed myself to start as many projects as I needed to in order to cope.

Quilting really IS my therapy.

And start projects I did. I’ve lost track of how many. Though today I apparently met my threshold of UFO’s because the clutter is getting to me.

I haven’t come close to completing that 2017 list, but 2018 was productive and I believe 2019 is going to be better. It has to be.

So, here is my updated 2017 UFO Challenge list and my 2019 UFO Challenge list. I have also printed off a second 2019 list to carry over a few projects from last year and to pencil in a few goals. I may print of a third list to cover the tops I want to get quilted.

2017 UFO Challenge:

  1.  “Hello Darling” by Bonnie & Camille using Cake Mix 2
    ~ Status Before: uncut fabrics and pre-packaged Cake Mix paper piecing pad from Moda
    ~ Status After: Top complete, but needs quilted
  2.  Farmer’s Wife Pony Club; Swap blocks using the book by Laurie Hird
    ~ Status Before: Finished 8″ blocks with some having been attached to their setting triangles.
    ~ Status After: Status unchanged
  3.  1930’s 4-Patch; pattern inspired by Pinterest
    ~Status Before: Partially quilted
    ~Status After: Completed 4-5-18
  4.  1930’s Floral Bouquet
    ~ Status Before: fabrics all cut
    ~ Top Completed January 2018, needs quilted
  5.  Coral & Turquoise Triangle Quilt
    ~ Status Before: Partially assembled
    ~ Status After: Completed 4-19-18, renamed Dappled Triangles
  6.  Scrap Vomit
    ~ Status Before: partially assembled
    ~ Status After: Renamed “7 Squared, top is 2/3 assembled
  7.  “Midwinter Reds” Double Slice pattern
    ~ Status Before: Ready to be quilted
    ~ Status After: Quilted, needs binding
  8.  1930’s 9-Patch
    ~ Status Before: Basted & ready to be quilted
    ~ Status After: Status unchanged
  9.  Farfalle, a gift from Jan
    ~ Status Before: All supplies in box, uncut
    ~ Status After: Top complete, needs quilted
  10.  Anna’s Legacy
    ~ Status Before: Partially assemble, blocks need frogged and re-sewn
    ~ Status After: Status unchanged
  11.  1930’s Postage Stamp
    ~ Status Before: Partially Assembled
    ~ Status After: Top Complete, needs quilted
  12.  Farmer’s Wife
    ~ Status Before: Blocks made but top not assembled
    ~ Status After: Status unchanged

2019 UFO Challenge:

  1.  Nameless, a Flying Geese Quilt
    ~ Status before: Geese sewn, but need squared up and top assembled
  2.  Winter Snowman Cupcake Mix
    ~ Status Before: Papers sewn, needs cut, laid out and assembled
  3.  Surfside Chevron
    ~ Status Before: fabrics partially cut
  4.  Autumn Ribbon Stars
    ~ Status Before: All fabrics cut, nothing has been sewn
  5.  Christmas Trips
    ~ Status Before: Blocks partially made
  6.  Autumn Hourglass
    ~ Status Before: Hourglass blocks are all sewn, and half are squared up. Still need to assemble the top.
  7. Autumn Pineapples
    ~ Status Before: Round 2 complete, 8 more rounds to go
  8.  Seven Squared
    ~ Status Before: Partially Assembled
  9.  Pumpkin Quilt (runner maybe???)
    ~ Status Before: 3 partial blocks made, vague pattern design in my head
  10.  Lemon Meringue Pie
    ~ Status Before: Blocks complete but still need to layout and assemble
  11. Snowballed 1930’s Star – Pinterest inspired
    ~ Status Before: Part of the squares are snowballed, but not trimmed. Need to cut more fabrics.
  12.  Miniature Broken Dishes
    ~ Status Before: Four blocks of twelve complete.

2019 is also going to be the year for challenges. I want to push myself out of my comfort zone and learn new techniques.

I think that’s what Debra & Wanda would have wanted for me.

Have you considered joining in on the 2019 APQS UFO challenge?

I wish you a very happy holiday season, and may your lives be filled with joy and love.