Week 7 Update

Good morning! It’s been a full weekend and Friday was full of surprises. Bonnie Hunter released the reveal of Good Fortune. WOW! It is stunning! And I can’t wait to get mine finished.

Good Fortune Block B attaching the orange string blocksAfter the early release of Clue 7, I really thought there might be one more piecing clue to use up some of these fabrics, but nope. It was the reveal. I’m really eager to get mine together.

Something funny happened in the Quiltville Open Studio group on Facebook. About an hour after the reveal was posted a group member asked, “So who’s got their quilt finished?” The response was overwhelming and the comments tickled my funny bone. Some of these quilters are the fastest piecers I have ever seen and their ability to produce completed clues in just a matter of hours is mind-boggling.

Good Fortune completed B blocks by Nakeytoes QuiltingI was able to complete the orange/red combination blocks and had enough green chevrons done to complete two of the green/blue combination blocks on Friday. It was a long day of sewing, but it felt wonderful to actually be accomplishing something.

In other news…

Saturday was a wash as I had life things to concentrate on, but Sunday I spent the day working on various projects. In the morning I spent some time cutting squares for one of my APQ UFO projects assigned for January. The #3 was chosen and since I have three lists, I have three projects that I would like to complete. The first is a beached themed chevron quilt made primarily with Michael Miller’s Beach Retreat line. These fabrics have been sitting here for quite some time so on the list it went.

The second APQ UFO is a quilt I named Anna’s Legacy. My husband had an aunt who was a quilter and when I met her for the first time in 2003 she told me about this “new” technique called Stack N Whack and showed me pictures of exquisite quilts she had made using this method. Of course, I was eager to give it a try and went home from the reunion and promptly spent $100+ on gorgeous fabrics, a book and mirror. I stacked and I whacked and I sewed a bit, then life happened and I stored that quilt in a tote through a couple of different moves.

Anna’s Legacy was finally uncovered again in 2008 following the birth of our daughter because I was going stir crazy at home. Only then did I realize I had started to assemble the blocks incorrectly and the centers weren’t going to work. Back in the tote it went and endured several more moves, the longest one being to Texas.

Fast forward to 2013 and Anna passed away due to pancreatic cancer. Long story short there are family complications stemming from my husband’s parents and we weren’t in contact with Uncle Larry at the time of Anna’s passing. I was saddened at her death and decided to name my unfinished quilt after her. It’s time to face the complications and finish up that beauty.

The January quilt on my third (and final, but all tops that need quilted) APQ UFO list is a 1930’s 9-patch that is all sandwiched and basted, ready to quilt. It has been in its bag for about 2 1/2 years just waiting for me to learn how to FMQ. Fortunately it’s not a really big quilt, but I don’t know what pattern to quilt so I don’t know what to practice. If you have any suggestions, please let me know!

Sunday evening I finally found time to get back to work on Good Fortune. Chevrons were on the menu this time and once I found my groove (Youtube on the tablet watching 1940’s House and a documentary on servants) the assembly went FAST. I have nearly all of my chevrons and bonus hst’s finished.

Good Fortune Mystery Quilt Clue 3 chevron blocks by Nakeytoes QuiltingMy goal for today is to finish up those chevrons and start squaring up the bonus triangles. I’m also going to check out some of Angela Walter’s videos for FMQ ideas.

Linking up with Bonnie over at Quiltville. Be sure to check out some of the beautiful variations the other quilters are making.

Have a blessed day and happy quilting!


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