If you read my Thanksgiving Day post, you know how much is going on in my life right now. So I really didn’t need to start any more projects. But I did. Three to be exact. Oy.

However, one is super easy and fast, the second can be done as time allows, and the third intentionally takes several weeks. That’s because it’s a mystery quilt. The first one I have ever participated in.

Hourglass quilt blocks from Nakeytoes QuiltingMy first weekend start is going to be a simple hourglass quilt made from autumn 5″ charms I received in a fabric swap.  The vast number of fabric swaps I was in several years ago is legendary amongst my quilting friends. So much so that I only purchase fabric now to coordinate/finish the quilts I make with my swap fabrics.

These blocks are made with various autumn prints and hues with Kona Snow for the background. I had two quart sized Ziplocks each containing 100 five inch squares. I completely used one bag and part of the second.

After my Kona squares were cut, I sat at the machine and chain stitched until  there weren’t any more squares. I will have a separate post later when the top is finished.

Once I finished sewing the 5″ squares together, I grabbed a stack of autumn 2 1/2″ squares and a pile of 1 3/4″ neutral strips that I had cut the day before.

I had seen a tutorial using the Pineapple Trim Tool and decided the autumn strips that I received in yet another swap would be the perfect opportunity to try out my new ruler. Stay tuned for an update on Autumn Pineapples.

This quilt is going to be stunning! Those colors! So rich and vibrant. Oh, and those Kona 2 1/2″ squares are going to be snowball corners for yet another autumn quilt.

Last week I decided that I really need to get these autumn quilts finished. The fabrics have been in their bin for roughly five years and it’s time to get them out and showcase them. I want to have all of these autumn tops finished before December 1 so that I can dig out my Christmas fabrics.

At some point during the day while taking a break from sewing, I picked up my phone to check Facebook. A quilty friend posted a picture of a stack of tiny 4-patches in reds and neutrals. OMG. They were so sweet!

After questioning her, my friend, Tracey, told me they were the beginning of the new Quiltville Mystery Quilt. She’s made several in the past and does each one every year. Very dedicated, Tracey is.

While working on my other quilts, I mulled over those little 4-patches.  I had just started two more quilts, could I really work a third one in there? Well, maybe.

So I did what any good quilter would do. I did some research. I went to Quiltville, Bonnie Hunter’s website, and had a thorough look at the instructions and fabric requirements.  I’m a bit short on neutrals, don’t have any blues or greens to speak of, but I do have plenty of reds & oranges. Oh, and I don’t have the ruler. But Christmas is coming. Maybe I can make it happen.

What if I just made the 4-patches? I could figure out a use for those, right? Even if I decided I didn’t want to finish.

I should mention that I am the creator and admin for the Facebook group, Texas Quilter’s Group. We have over 3,500 members who I vett heavily. I decided to see how many of them were participating in the Good Fortune Mystery. Shocked doesn’t begin to express my surprise. I know Texas is huge, but WOW!

We had quite a lively discussion Saturday evening about the first clue, what our motivations were, how difficult it would be for new quilters and more. I felt so connected to other quilters clear across the state.

And some of the pictures they posted of their FINISHED clue #1.  So darn cute! Some day I’ll have that kind of sewing time.

After helping a new quilter work through the instructions and some pounding my head on the sewing table for taking on yet another project, I managed to cut a stack of red strips and a stack of neutrals strips. I was also able to get a whopping 13  four-patches put together. Aren’t you thrilled with my progress? (insert cheesy grin).

If you want to see more about this quilt, I am linking up with Quiltville. Be sure to check out the blogs of some of the other quilters.  I’m also linking up with Beth over at Love Laugh Quilt and Monday Making.

I’m hoping to have mine finished in time for the release of Clue #2. In the meantime,  y’all have a wonderful week and I’ll be back Thursday with my regular weekly post.


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