Quarantine Quilt Along

Noon & Light from Quilter's CacheWelcome back for Week Two of the Quarantine Quilt Challenge, aka Quarantine Quilt-Along. The quilt blocks y’all shared over in the Texas Quilter’s Group were so creative, pretty, and fun. They were definitely a bright spot in an otherwise dreary week.

This week’s block is Noon & Light and can be found here at Quilter’s Cache. 

The Noon & Light quilt block is relatively simple  Noon & Light is composed primarily of half square triangles that include some quarter square triangles and finally cornerstone squares for the finish. My FQ Bundle of Tula Pink’s Homemade doesn’t have any yellow, so I grabbed a FQ that would provide stark contrast to the blue. The print is various cutting utensils, but once it’s cut and sewn it reminds me of zebra stripes. It makes for a very striking quilt block.


Tula Pink Homemade Cutting Tools Pink


Once you have chosen your focal fabrics, start by cutting out your strips according to the cutting directions. Be sure to mark the remainders and set them aside because more than likely you will need them later in the quilt.

For this block, there really aren’t any surprises as they are just basic HST’s with a few QST’s thrown in. If you have ANY problems, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I’ll be happy to help.

REMEMBER: keep your ruler line ON the fabric to ensure perfect unit size.

Tip: When I make units that start with X ⅞”, I always round up which gives me a smidge more for squaring up my units. For example, this block requires strips cut at 3 ⅞” x 7 ¾”. So I cut mine 4”x8” and then speed sewed them using her directions.

Use the ruler or trim template of your choice (I just used a 6 ½” ruler) and square the HST’s to 3 ½”.


How to square up quarter square triangles


For trimming the HST’s with QST’s, I discovered that if I started with the dark blue triangle on the left and placed the 45⁰ line along the QST seam it was easier to square the units.

Lay your units out next to your machine and put your block together. If the units are squared properly, and your seam allowance has been checked, these squares assemble quickly and accurately.

As you assemble your block, spin the seams as desired to reduce bulk at the points.  Trim your finished block to 12 1/2″ square. Press and set aside with Block 1.

Congratulations, you have just completed Block 2.

Noon & Light from Nakeytoes Quilting


If you are new to the quilt along, thank you for your interest. Below you will find the links for the introductory post as well as the instructions for week 1. Also, if you are a new reader and have ever lived in Texas, be sure to join the Texas Quilter’s Group on Facebook. It’s full of some of the most amazing quilters I’ve ever had the chance to “meet”.

For those of you Texans playing along, be sure to share your blocks in the pinned Block of the Week post in the Texas Quilter’s Group.  If you haven’t already shared your Austin block don’t forget about the drawing we’re having in the group. Get that block posted! Details are in the announcements in the group.

In other news, I called my LQS and they are still doing curbside pickup via appointment only. YAY! I told Ruth, the owner, that I would get a list together and call her early next week. Just to be able to get out of the house for a drive would be wonderful. I miss my quilt shops!

Today’s Amazon Item of the Day is the Magnetic Pick-Up Tool. It extends to 25″ and is the handiest gadget for picking up pins or needles and my personal favorite, to pick up machine screws that roll off your table. It’s small enough to pack in your quilting tool bag. At $3.90, it’s priced to purchase a couple extra as gifts for your quilting friends.

Until next week, happy sewing! It won’t be long now before the quarantine is lifted.